Collaboration and partnerships with numerous suppliers from the whole of Europe and beyond regarding the exclusive distribution of their collections has established Londou Bros as the group of companies with one of the largest and most diversified collection portfolio in Europe.

Established in 1996 Londou Bros has a proven history of top quality distribution and service of over 100 brands to more than 1000 clients in Cyprus alone.

Strategic planning and extensive market research are the main ingredients used in order to achieve correct positioning and development of each and every single collection ensuring exceptional performance. All the above together with our vast experience and expertise makes Londou Bros indisputably the correct partner for every single retail business in the fashion industry.

consultation/launch project

We adopt a complete customized approach to each and every one of our partners and their projects.

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We identify and drive opportunistic merchandising strategies and manage key business categories for growth.

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Wholesale Distribution

Londou Bros Ltd focuses on the distribution of clothing, shoes and accessories brands in the Cyprus Market.

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Retail Management

If the strategy of our partner is to open his/hers own mono brand or multi brand store store we can provide all the support needed to ensure the project is a success

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Our superior logistic services is one of the key areas which differentiates us from being simply sales agents.

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We will handle the day to day operations. We will communicate with the brand headquarters saving our partner time and money.

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Our company's Departments

Organisation Structure

Sales Department

A different sales team exists for each department which ensures that specialization, expertise and specific market knowledge prevails.

We help our partners grow their business by offering excellent high quality service on a day to day basis. Our success is based on our long standing relationships with our partners based on trust, mutual understanding and respect.

We at Londou Bros pride ourselves with providing the best before, during and after sales support and service, our company motto is "it's the service after the sale that counts".

By recognizing that customer satisfaction results in repeat business, we have always provided the best support in the industry.

PR & Digital Marketing Department

We use Top Digital Marketing methods to stay ahead of technology! Our Digital Marketing Team of experts are aggressively using Digital Marketing channels to reach out to existing or potential partners who surf on the web.

With a mission to increase overall sales, to generate new leads and prospects, while having a better brand exposure and recognition amongst the end customers, we reach across the globe to bring clients intelligent, creative PR and digital communications strategies.

Focused on key influencer outreach combined with media and digital strategies, we offer solutions that drive action.

Visual Merchandising

We train, motivate and coach our partners to constantly think commercially. Our experienced Visual Merchandising Professionals provide updates on all the latest trends and have a great eye for presenting collections in an inspiring and commercial way.

Our creative team provides guide and support with Window Displays, Product Merchandising, Shop Improvement Proposals, Graphic Design Support, Interior Design and Architecture work for an opening of a new store with Space Planning, 3D Visualizations, Technical Drawings and Project Management.

Brand Managers Department

Our brand managers have a fantastic knowledge of fashion and marketing techniques such as brand equity and consumer buying habits. Even in the current economy, consumers still need to buy clothes and brands and fashion houses need to sell them. Our team of experts mission is to create the vision, positioning, segmentation and marketing strategy for real time showcasing the designer brand collections to our partners.

Finance and Accounting Department

The mission of the Finance and Accounting Department is to provide cost effective and efficient accounting and financial management services to the Board, Stakeholders and Partner companies. This department has some key roles and responsibilities, including accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll, financial reporting, and maintaining financial controls.

Administration Department

The administration department deals with the proper allocation of resources of the company and provides an effective support system to the customers.

Our Administration Department is responsible for providing administrative aid all other internal six areas of our company: Sales Department, PR & Digital Marketing Department, Visual Merchandising Department, Brand Managers Department and Logistics Department.

Their goal is to keep all departments within Londou Bros operating at maximum capacity.

Logistics Department

The logistics department is responsible for the proper delivery of all the products of the company from (and to) the suppliers to the customers of the company. Imports, Exports, and the central warehouse belong to this department.

As Global Fashion Distribution experts, we specialize in the handling and management of brands distribution. W e provide direct customer support when it comes to shipping inquiries. Londou Bros has become one of the only Companies that offers a highly sophisticated speed-rail system to efficiently process brand designer shipment. Because we have twenty years of experience in fashion distribution, we are the assured Team of Experts.